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1 Monat Supremium

EUR 20.00
The SUPREMIUM rank is a special rank for people that want to support and sponsor the network in an extraordinary way. It comes with various benefits:

+ You get ALL permissions and advantages of the PREMIUM RANK
+ Your NAME has a LIGHT BLUE color on the network
+ You have an EXCLUSIVE "Suprem" PREFIX right before your name on the network
+ You can FLY in the lobby
+ You can start your own PRIVATE GAMESERVERS using /ps or /privateserver
+ You can claim a FREE CHEST every day
+ You add 5 more PLAYER SLOTS to your CLAN
+ Your XXL PARTY now has space for 64 PLAYERS
+ You can add TWICE as many (1000) PLAYERS to your FRIEND LIST
+ You BOOST the amount of coins YOU and EVERY PLAYER gets in your game by up to 10%
+ You get exclusive ACCESS to the SILENTLOBBY to have a private experience
+ You get NICK PERMISSIONS so that you can play completely UNDISTURBED
+ You get more FREE COINS at the "Daily Rewards"
+ You have a chance to get ONE COIN BOMB per day at the "Daily Rewards"
+ You can set your own personal status using /SETSTATUS
+ You can use the /start command on your private server
+ TROLOL: You can troll the other players on your private server using /troll
+ You can choose between 8 DIFFERENT COLORS for your GG at the end of a game using /color
+ You get the SUPREMIUM RANK on our Discord
+ You get the SUPREMIUM RANK on our TEAMSPEAK³ Server
+ You get the SUPREMIUM RANK on our Forums
+ You can save up to 42 REPLAYS
+ You can SET PREFERENCES for private server games (e.g. in SkyWars)
+ You can play some OLD GAME MODES using the private server menu
+ You can use /JOINME once every day and invite other players to your server
+ You get a free HYPETRAIN and a DIAMONDBOMB every week
+ You get a nice daily GREETING when you join the network
+ You get your own DIAMOND BOOTS in the GOMMUNITY

1 Monat Supremium

With Supremium you can always play with your friends and don't have to wait, to join a gameserver or the network. Also you become an active donator that makes our community possible <3

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Secure payment processing
✔ Leading MC network in Europe
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