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Our Premium Ranks

Premium Supremium
Ab 10.00 EUR Ab 20.00 EUR
Benefits on the network
Color Gold Aqua
Prefix Suprem
Join full Gameserver +
Join full Network
Access to the SilentLobby
Create unlimited customizable private Gameservers
/joinme 3 times a day
Colored GG + more colors
Joinparticles when joining the Lobby or Gommunity
Double jump on Lobby servers
Fly on Lobby servers
Replay save slots 21 slots 42 slots
Increased party size 10 party members 64 party members
Increased friendlist size 500 friends 1000 friends
Personal status 2 lines 3 lines
Create public parties
Boadcast messages per day 3 5
Map specific default kit
Additional clan slots +2 slots +5 slots
Forcemap in Bedwars 7 times a day
Exclusive trail
Colored boots Gold Diamond
Fly regions
Continue your JnR's after rejoining
Change the time in the Gommunity with /daytime
Mark dropper or J'n'R Maps as favorites
Private servers
Access to the troll module
/start your private round
Play old exclusive gamemodes
Coinsystem Features
Lobby boots
Daily reward 2x Coins 4x Coins
Daily free Itemchest
Daily free Coinbomb
Weekly free HypeTrain
Weekly free Diamondbomb
Gameserverwide coinboost +10%
CityBuild Features
Write bold chatmessages
/plot fly
Colored chatmessages
Colored & bold messages on signs
MoneyMaker Features
Permanent boost 50% 100%
More profiles 3 slots 4 slots
Private farming cave

Rank usable on Minecraft Server, Discord, Teamspeak, Forum & Website