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12 Monate Premium

EUR 50.00

You get the premium rank on the server network with numerous advantages:

+ You can join FULL servers and thus play with priority
+ Your NAME has a GOLDEN COLOR on the network
+ You can JOIN the server even when 10000/10000 SLOTS are occupied
+ You can CHAT in the SERVER LOBBY
+ You receive 9 exclusive BOOTS with cool EFFECTS for use in the lobby
+ Your PARTY can hold a total of 10 PLAYERS
+ You get your own GOLDEN BOOTS in the GOMMUNITY
+ You get ACCESS to exclusive PREMIUM LOBBIES
+ The daily rewards give you TWICE as many coins
+ You get a PREMIUM RANK on our TEAMSPEAK³ server
+ You get access to the exclusive PREMIUM AREA on our TEAMSPEAK³
+ You can play AS MANY FunClanWars as you want
+ You can do QUEST EVENTS in the main lobby with great REWARDS
+ You can create and manage a public PUBLIC PARTY
+ You can set a DEFAULT KIT individually for every map in SkyWars and EnderGames
+ You can give your GG at the end of game a little bit of extra swag using the /color command
+ You receive a PREMIUM RANK on our Discord
+ You receive a PREMIUM RANK on our forums
+ You can save up to 21 REPLAYS

12 Monate Premium

- Guaranteed immediate delivery
- eMail Support
- Secure payment processing
- Leading MC network in Europe
- 99%+ Uptime in last 11 years

With premium you can always play with your friends and don't have to wait, to join a gameserver or the network. Also you become an active donator that makes our community possible <3